Thinking Horsemanship Services

I love teaching and I love working with horses. People want to have good communication with their horses.  And horses are predisposed to get along well with humans. I’ve found the better educated both are on how to thoughtfully direct (the person) and how to listen and smoothly respond (the horse) the more successful the partnership becomes. I do a lot of private coaching. Working one-on-one allows me to focus on the specific needs of the individual horse and rider. 

I also teach groups and clinics as well as addressing such challenges as trailer loading,  standing quietly to be saddled, difficult to bridle, crossing water etc. I take a limited number of horses for full training. Both colts and horses under saddle. This is an immersion experience in which a new world view is created for the horse.  Trust, progressive education and absolute consistency allow the horse to learn and make  good change and much progress. 

Buck Brannaman & Guapo Gato

Many of my clients also ride with Buck Brannaman and our lessons center on a deeper understanding  of what Buck presents. I am continually fascinated by the horse's ability to turn loose and give to the human when offered an alternative to force, fear and punishment. Years ago I was taught the "correct way" to adjust equipment that in effect, put the horse in a straight jacket and gag. It worked to contort the horse's body into what was wanted but sadly sent the mind in another direction. 

The last time I rode with Ray Hunt

When Buck Brannaman and Ray Hunt offered me an alternative, I responded instantly. I've found it is the same with the horse. That alternative is what I aspire to, what I practice and what I teach. I refer to it as Thinking Horsemanship.


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